Bridging the gap between mastering facilities that cost hundreds of dollars per song and fly-by-night project studio mastering in “studios” with abysmal acoustics, Finley Sound offers high quality and budget friendly mastering via the internet with minimal lead time, fast turn-around, and great customer service.

Email for a free mastering consultation and let’s talk about your project! Be sure to ask about a free sample.

What is mastering anyway?

Mastering is the final creative step before your project is either replicated and distributed as a CD or uploaded to a digital download service.  It’s that secret sauce that makes a collection of songs sound like an album - polished and professional.

Mastering is also your last chance to fix any problems with the mix and improve the sound quality, clarity, punch, consistency, depth, stereo image and volume of your mixes. You would be surprised how many bad edits, clicks, and pops are uncovered during mastering.

Mastering is both a technical and artistic endeavor that can take years to learn. A poor mastering job can ruin your album, making it sound over-compressed, fatiguing or down right distorted.

Your music deserves special attention!


My mastering rates are $35 per song for unattended mastering sessions (also known as online mastering or e-mastering). This rate includes unlimited free revisions and a money back guarantee. If you decide not to release the master because you are unhappy with my work, I'll refund your money. No questions asked.

A Mastered For iTunes version is included at no charge. Instrumental or alternate versions with the same processing (and during the same session) are $10 each. Additional versions with different processing are $20 each.

Attended mastering sessions are not avaiable at this time.

If you are ready to go, upload your files via our secure page. Please upload the highest resolution files you have (e.g. 16 or 24-bit).


Mastering Samples